The 8th Board of ASE Aeolus

We are delighted to announce the 8th board of ASE Aeolus has been chosen and will be installed at this evening's GMA. The new board consists of:

  • President: Céline Wolfs
  • Vice President: Marlou Dinkla
  • General Operations Manager: Sowmya Srinivasan Iyer
  • Treasurer: Florian Dach
  • Secretary: Philipp Janoff

Naturally this means that the 7th board will be stepping down. We would like to thank all the members of Aeolus and the administrations at the four universities in the EWEM group, particularly Sarah Nietiedt at TU Delft for helping us make this such a fantastic year, even in spite of the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.


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