Work with us

Work with Aeolus

As ASE Aeolus, we cannot reach our goals of enhancing the study experience for our members, as well as bridging the gap between them and the (wind) industry, alone. We need partners that can help us by co-hosting interesting events, who have interesting thesis and/or job opportunities,or help in any other way to improve our association. A short introduction of the possibilities for your organisation to work together with us, can be found below. For questions or suggestions, please get in touch!

Activities with students

To bring the industry and tour members closer to each other, we organise a range of activities with companies in the (wind) industry. Amongst those are:

  • Lunch lectures
  • Company visits
  • Company day
  • Start-Up day
  • Multiple Day Excursion (MDE)

In these challenging times, we have been trying to set up interesting events for both our members as the hosting industry partner. One of the solutions that we use are the Online Lunch lectures, which have proven to be (almost) as good as the in-person lunch lectures! We are not limited to the list above, so if you have a different proposition, or would like to inform about the possibilities, please send us an email.


Master theses posting

As ASE Aeolus, we want to help our member to find relevant, interesting and enjoyable thesis opportunities, no matter which track of EWEM they are in.That means that we are always on the lookout for new openings, both in academia and in the industry. Does your orgnisation have a thesis opportunity that is a good fit for students in our programme? Please reach out to us, so we can include it on our (only accessible to members) thesis page. We look forward to linking you to one of our bright members!


Job/traineeship opportunities

Next to Master theses, we want to have interesting job and/or traineeship offerings listed for our members, both current and of earlier cohorts, to supply them with opportunities specifically interesting to graduates of the EWEM programme. Would you like to share a vacancy with our members? Send us a description of the offering and when relevant, it will be included on our website (again, only accessible to members).


Mentorship programme

We are also trying to set up a mentor system, inspired by the one DTU (one of EWEM's organising institutions) offers, which can be found here. So far, we have only investigated demand for such a programme amongst our members, with an overwhelming majority of responses (about 75%) being positive. Currently we are in the process of substantialising the plan, as well as investigating if there is a willingness in the industry to participate in such a programme. In the case you, or someone in your company would be interested in being mentor to a student, please let us know!