Welcome to Aeolus, the student association of the European Wind Energy Master (EWEM). We're a thriving, diverse community of bright minds and future pioneers in the realm of wind energy. As students of EWEM, our journey through the program is not just about academics and research. It's also about fostering connections, creating shared experiences, and broadening our horizons.

The Aeolus Student Association is designed to enhance your EWEM journey with a wealth of engaging activities. We organize a range of events throughout the year, including multi-day excursions to leading wind energy companies, insightful lunch lectures, and vibrant social gatherings like BBQ parties and paintball games. These activities aim to strengthen the bond between us, promote a deeper understanding of the industry, and, most importantly, add a layer of fun and camaraderie to our academic pursuits.

One of our most anticipated events is the Multi-Day Excursion. This adventure takes us through major wind energy hubs in Europe, providing valuable hands-on industry insights and establishing connections with potential future employers. 

But Aeolus is more than just events and outings. It's a place of support and encouragement, where we motivate each other to reach new heights in our studies and future careers. 

We believe in maintaining a balanced student life, one where academic excellence coexists with personal growth and enjoyment. Through Aeolus, we create a fulfilling and enjoyable journey for all EWEM students, providing opportunities for them to shine both in their personal and professional lives.

Aeolus is more than a student association. It's a home. It's a community where everyone is welcome, where everyone supports each other, and where everyone works together to shape the future of wind energy.