Past events

Multiple Day Excursion - Denmark 2022

In September, we went on the 2022 edition of the Multiple Day Excursion. On a three day tour of Jutland, we visited companies and the new students got to know each other and the wind energy industry. We spent a night in Aalborg before going to Bladt Industries where we toured their yard and got to know more about the transition pieces on which offshore wind turbines are built. In the afternoon we visited the Østerild Wind Turbine Test Field, where we saw prototypes of the newest and biggest offshore wind turbines up close. After spending a night in Kolding, we visited Siemens Gamesa's Danish HQ, where we got an insight into what its like being one of the largest wind turbine original equipment manufacturers in the world as well as getting a tour of the manufacturing facilites. Finally, to finish off the MDE, we visited the headquarters of LM Wind, one of the most influential wind turbine blade designers in the world, and got to see their structural testing and wind tunnel facilities.

We'd like to thank the companies we visited for hosting us and supporting us to make this amazing event possible!


To celebrate halloween and the transition to the new board, we went to Tivoli to enjoy the rides and halloween atmosphere in a fun evening of sweets and thrills!

Wind Turbine Climb

Thanks to the Risø DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, we were able to visit Risø and climb the wind turbine installed there. It was a great (and for some a bit scary) experience to feel the wind up at the height where the magic happens!


Siemens Gamesa Lunch Lecture

We got a visit from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for a lunch lecture on the cutting edge of wind turbine control and what the future holds in this domain. It was a very interesting and insightful talk, and we had a full house to experience it!


Thanksgiving and Secret Santa

To wrap up the semester before exams, we got together for a thanksgiving dinner cooked by the board. Sharing a meal, a drink, and also the presents that were given out for the annual secret santa. Our contingent of students in Norway also had a secret santa and dinner.

Multiple Day Excursion - Netherlands 2023

Upon our return to the Netherlands, the second MDE of the academic year took place! In a 3 day trip throughout the Netherlands we visited 6 companies as well as 2 beautiful cities. The MDE was opened by TWD, where the students learned about the engineering behind installation equipment, and got to participate in a case that tested our understanding of sound structural engineering principles. The afternoon of the first day was spent at TenneT, the transmission system operator throughout the Netherlands and parts of Germany, where we learned about the challenges faced to integrate intermittent renewable energy sources into a national grid and how to overcome these challenges, as well as having a crack at designing an electrical grid integration system for an offshore wind farm ourselves. After an evening in Utrecht, we headed to Van Oord, where the we learned about the installation process and the technical and logistical challenges that must be faced, and then got to try creating our own logistical process for an offshore wind farm installation. In the afternoon, we visited Heerema Engineering Solutions, where we put together a manufacturing and installation process for a floating wind farm, as well as being allowed to sit in on a small wind energy technology company's pitch to Heerema. We spent the second evening enjoying Leiden, before going to LM Wind the next day. There, we added to our insight from our previous visit to LM Wind on the cutting edge of wind turbine blade technology, as well as trying ourselves to optimise a wind turbine blade for minimum weight while preserving its stiffness. On the afternoon of the final day, we travelled to the Afsluitdijk and Windpark Fryslân, who arranged a boat to bring us into the middle of the offshore wind farm. After getting back to Delft, we closed out the MDE with a final dinner.

Thanks to everyone who came along and a big thank you to all the companies for their hospitality, insight, and financial support to make the MDE possible.


To blow off some steam after exams, we went for a round of paintball. A competitive and strategical evening allowed us to destress and take our minds off the coming grades.

Thirsty Thursdays and the Monthly Member Meetings

In Denmark, to facilitate all the new students getting to know each other, we facilitate weekly drinks every Thursday after classes. Once we had all settled into the EWEM life, moved to Delft, and our study loads started to increase, we decided to concentrate the fun of these get togethers into a monthly event, which has taken on many forms, such as playing Jeux de Boules, going for a drink in the city centre, and an evening to improve the wiki and enjoy some pizza.

Multiple Day Excursion - Netherlands 2024


On March 22nd and 23rd, we had our annual Multiple Days Excursion in the Netherlands!

With 30 EWEM students, we visited three innovative companies operating in the offshore wind sector. We kicked off on Thursday afternoon at Heerema Engineering Solutions, followed by TWD and Shell on Friday. 

We had two very fun and educational days! 

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