Wind Turbine Climb

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Board 2020-2021
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Sep 25, 2021 11:45 - 14:00
Lynettens Wind Farm, RefshalĂžen

Aeolus is organising another trip to climb a turbine at Lynettens Wind Farm on Refhalsøen. Jens Anker Hansen has been taking students from Aeolus up and down, and up again, the turbines here for years now and everyone remembers it very fondly. Check out the photos of last year's event here. The programme for the day is to have a talk about the wind farm, its unique ownership scheme, and the turbines there and in the surrounding area, at 12 o'clock. Please arrive 15 minutes early (11:45) so we can start on time. Only a maximum of 12 people can be in the nacelle at any one time, which you will be glad of, so we will split into groups and then go up each half hour. There is Reffen, the street food market, only a 5-minute cycle away so plenty to keep you entertained whilst waiting for your turn to climb the turbine.

Please note, whilst the event is free, it is only open to Aeolus members, so please make sure you're registered on the website and have paid your membership fee before the day.


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